Software Engineer


Feburary 2014 - Present | San Francisco, CA

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Markovosophers [Github]

Markovosophers is a 3-gram text generator Sinatra and Redis app deployed on AWS. This is the first application I have deployed that uses either Sinatra or Redis and it is the first application I have deployed on AWS.

Favorite bit: 2gram_word_table.rb, the initial version of Markovosophers's WordTable, a concise (43 lines) Markov chain model.

Hack Underflow [Github]

Hack Underflow is a Stack Overflow clone that implements the questions, answers, comments, and editing features of SO. It also has an SO-inspired points system that awards privileges (such as voting and editing) at certain point levels. Hack Underflow started life as a Ruby on Rails app, but I have since converted it into a single-page Backbone.js app.

In order to seed the database of Hack Overflow with some existing questions and answers, I used nokogiri to scrape and parse a few hundred questions from Stack Overflow, for which I had to learn how XPath works.

This project also uses Foundation stylesheets, kaminari, friendly_id, underscore.inflector, and serializeJSON.

Favorite bit: seeds.rb, where I scrape Stack Overflow and use the resulting data to seed my DB.


A week of creating almost identical Rails controllers for multiple projects inspired me to write crud_generator, a rubygem that automatically creates default CRUD actions for your Rails controllers.

Favorite bit: the generate_crud_actions method, which can properly handle three powerful use cases in only 10 lines of code.


Active-Record-Lite is a reverse-engineered version of the find, where, has_many, belongs_to, has_one_through, and has_many_through methods of ActiveRecord::Base.

Favorite bit: the has_many_through method, which was a particularly tricky series of joins to get right.


Rails-Lite is a recreation of Rails's ActionController::Base and Application.routes using WEBrick.

Favorite bit: router.rb, a concise implementation of Rails's router.


Over two and a half years, I went to a RailsBridge (a programming event for women that uses scaffolding to demonstrate Ruby on Rails) and started learning to program. From there, I started creating and experimenting with Ruby on Rails applications (the main one being Cocktail Enthusiasts), as my first excursion into programming.

I am now a web developer who has worked on an e-commerce site for a book publishing company for over a year and a half. During that time, I have helped Blurb open up new distribution channels, use more up to date technologies, cut down the number of testing frameworks we use in our main Rails repository, helped establish the conventions for our unit testing of our Ember.js application as well as write the vast majority of the non-test code in that web application. I have learned a lot about continuous deployment and how to simultaneously only roll out features when they have been fully tested and have even helped train other engineers who are more junior than me.


University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, May 2013

Bachelor of Arts, Music, May 2013

Graduated with distinction, GPA: 3.7

Technical Courses Include:

  • ✓ Intermediate Logic and Computability
  • ✓ Philosophy and Game Theory